Monday, 28 November 2011

The Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Otterbox Cases

Otterbox cases provide the ultimate protection for a cell phone, and with our best Samsung Galaxy S2 Otterbox Cases we will help you find the best otterbox case for your phone!

But what is an otterbox case, and why should you choose one to protect your phone (and more importantly why should you not choose one!)

An otterbox case provides your cell phone with a dual layer of protection.  It had a softer interior part which is designed to protect against shock damage, while also having a harder outer layer that protects against sharp knocks and bangs.

This dual protection is some of the most effective on the market since it helps protect the insides of your phone, as well as the outside. This protection might not seem like a big deal, but it is a whole lot cheaper than many insurance packages that cost up to a third of the cost of the phone itself, and can have deductibles up to half the cost of the phone.

While this is perfect for some, there are a few downsides which mean that an otterbox case might not be the best Samsung Galaxy S2 cover for you.  To start with the dual construction makes Otterbox cases a little more bulky when compared to other Samsung Galaxy S2 cases.  This might be a little bit of a put off to both people who want a slimline phone, and business men who want to avoid the dreaded suit 'pocket bulge'.

There are different styles and thicknesses of Galaxy S2 cases available but they are of course limited as to how thin they can be with thier double layer design.  The thinner cases while better looking also don't have quite the same level of protection, although for most people this may be more than enough.

One thing you must remember is to buy a Galaxy S2 Otterbox case that fits your version of the Samsung Galaxy S2.  Different carriers and countries have slightly differing versions of this phone, with small changes in size, shape and button placement.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Otterbox Case International Version (Including AT&T)

There are two versions of the Galaxy S2 Otterbox case, this fantastic addition is designed for International versions of the phone, and the AT&T version.

This version of the case is designed to snuggly and securely fit your smart phone, and allow access to all the correct fittings specific to the International Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy Epic S2 Otterbox Case Sprint

This case is designed for the slightly different shape of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, the version used by Sprint and some other networks.  This version of the Galaxy S2 is more curved than that of the international version, and it's buttons are in different places

This version of the case fits incredibly well with the Samsung Galaxy Epic S2, but be warned, it will be way too loose for other versions of the S2.

No matter which version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, it is always important to protect your phone with some kind of protective case.

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